Welcome to the Big Sofa Tech Blog Series!

Like many tech start-ups, Big Sofa has been on a journey. We’ve twisted and turned, been down some blind alleys and made a few wrong decisions – but ultimately we’ve used our mistakes to learn and grow. The product we have today is the culmination of that journey and gives us the confidence to say that we are leaders in video analytics.

Our experience means that we know how to do DevOps the right way, how to build a successful microservice architecture and how to process video at scale and analyse Big Data. We’ve learnt all about information security, GDPR and how to run a productive agile process. We’ve also discovered a lot about using machine learning: where it excels and where it falls short. Most importantly, we understand how to get the best out of video research and we have the technology to do just that.

Anyone who has built software from prototype to enterprise level knows one thing: the vision you have when you start out is rarely where you end up. This is natural and it’s expected, but for a technology company trying to move as fast as possible, it can pose a problem. Every time you pivot, you leave a trail of breadcrumbs, a little piece of legacy, which needs to be cleaned up. We call this ‘tech debt’ and all software companies have it, some more than others. 

We recognised some time ago that our tech debt was mounting up and that it was time to pay it back. This was also around the time we started recognising the need to scale – quickly, globally, vertically, horizontally and easily. That’s no small feat. 

In this blog series, we’re going to take you through our journey from small-scale prototype to leading enterprise solution, outlining different aspects of our technology, how we’ve built them, and the technologies we’ve used. 

Welcome to the Big Sofa Tech Blog!