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Investor story

Big Sofa Technologies is a B2B technology business servicing the marketing and consumer insight industries with video analytics.

Our software platform collates, analyses and organises large volumes of raw/unstructured video content enabling companies to perform detailed and sophisticated consumer insight analysis; and make genuine use of their video content.

$40 billion£28.1 billion£1.87 billion20.6%
Consumer research marketOnline research marketVideo analytics marketCAGR

Until recently, video has been difficult and expensive to capture, upload, store, manage and analyse as a consumer insight tool. However, proliferation of smart phones has empowered consumers to speak directly to brands resulting in an evolution of consumer insight and data analytics techniques, with video emerging as a key platform in a massive £33 billion consumer research market. Our customers are very large global organisations.

Our board of directors

Last updated 23rd April 2019

Nicholas Mustoe Non-executive Chairman

Nicholas began his career in advertising in 1981, working on such clients as Vauxhall Cars, Heineken, Whitbread, Tesco, Reebok and Hanson Group companies. In 1993, Nicholas started his own agency, Mustoe Merriman Levy (“Mustoes”), which managed client accounts including Kia Cars, Lloyds Pharmacy, Doctor Marten, Bauer Publishing, Coca Cola and Unilever. In 2008, Mustoes merged with a leading PR agency, Geronimo, to form Kindred, the first fully integrated PR and advertising agency, of which Nicholas remains executive Chairman and principal shareholder.

Kirsty Fuller Chief Executive Officer

Kirsty is a leader in the global consumer insight and strategy industry having co-founded the Flamingo Group. Flamingo, which was acquired by Omnicom in 2006, grew under her leadership as co-CEO and latterly CEO to become one of the largest specialist qualitative research agencies in the world, with a network of eight offices on four continents, employing 340 staff.

Matt Lynch Chief Strategy Officer

Matt began his career in marketing and category management after graduating from Oxford University. He went on to develop his advisory experience across a range of research and consulting roles, before completing a Masters in Organisational Behaviour. Matt is experienced in leading engagements for blue chip organisations including Procter and Gamble, Coca Cola, Unilever, BP, and Barclays. He co-founded Big Sofa with Simon Lidington. 

Joe MacCarthy Chief Financial Officer

Joe started his career with PricewaterhouseCoopers prior to working in investment management for a decade, with a particular focus on start-ups and smaller company investing. He has been responsible for managing more than £100 million of investments across a variety of sectors including media and infrastructure. Joe holds a degree in Economics from Durham University, is a Chartered Accountant and also holds a Diploma in Corporate Finance from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Steven Metcalfe Non-executive Director

Steven is a former stockbroker with more than 28 years’ experience in capital markets. As Head of UK Equities at Hichens Harrison, he was involved in the management buyout and then subsequent sale to Religare Capital Markets. Since leaving Investment banking in mid-2016, Steven has been deploying his substantial experience within the financial and corporate world, advising SMEs on finance, strategy and growth within their chosen area.

John Haworth Non-executive Director

John is Chief Financial Officer of Ipsos MORI UK, a UK subsidiary of Ipsos Group. Prior to joining Ipsos MORI UK, John held various global and European chief financial officer positions within the Kantar Group, one of the world's largest insight, information and consultancy groups. He has a successful track record of helping businesses to grow over more than 20 years, ranging from divisions of FTSE 100 groups to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Regulatory announcements

Formal Sale Process


Documentation on the Formal Sale Process.

2020-03-18Shareholder Letter
2020-03-18Formal Sales Process Announcement

Financial reports, presentations & circulars

Financial reports

Access Big Sofa’s annual and half-yearly financial reports and shareholder circulars.

Date reportsDownload
2019-03-08Annual Report 2018
2018-06-04Annual Report 2017
2017-11-16Annual Report 2016


Access Big Sofa’s latest corporate presentation.

2017-12-18Big Sofa - Corporate Presentation Download


Access Big Sofa’s shareholder circulars.

2020-03-27BST Circular
2019-03-08BST Circular
2018-10-02BST Circular
2018-10-02General Meeting 18th October 2018
2016-11-30Admission Document 2016

Shareholder information

Major shareholders (3% or above) Last updated 31st October 2019.

ShareholderNumber of ordinary shares heldPercentage of issued share capital
Ipsos MORI UK Ltd 27,553,87814.79%
WMG Advisors LLP12,283,3336.60%
Nicholas Mustoe (Director)10,377,1995.57%
Simon Lidington (Former Director)10,286,0265.52%
Steven Metcalfe (Director)9,029,0224.85%
EPSILON Investments PTE Ltd7,795,1884.19%
Adam Reynolds (former Director)5,680,4033.05%

There are currently 186,250,692 shares in issue.

Insofar as the directors are aware, the percentage of ordinary shares not in public hands (as that expression is defined in the AIM Rules) is approximately 36.75%.

There are no ordinary shares currently held as treasury shares and there are currently no restrictions on the transfer of ordinary shares

Share price

Our advisors

Last updated 23rd April 2019

  • Registered Office

    Big Sofa Technologies Group PLC
    5-7 Cranwood Street
    London EC1V 9EE

  • Company Secretary

    Joe MacCarthy FCA
    Big Sofa Technologies
    5-7 Cranwood Street
    London EC1V 9EE

  • Nominated Advisor & Joint Broker

    Arden Partners PLC
    125 Old Broad Street
    EC2N 1AR

  • Joint Broker

    NOVUM Securities Limited
    8-10 Grosvenor Gardens
    SW1W 0DH

Corporate governance

Last updated 17th June 2019.

Big Sofa Technologies’ directors recognise the importance of sound corporate governance. Insofar as is practicable for a company of our current size, Big Sofa Technologies follows the QCA Corporate Governance Guidelines for AIM companies.

Our board meets regularly and is responsible for formulating, reviewing and approving our strategy, budgets, performance, major capital expenditure and corporate actions.

We have an audit committee, a remuneration committee and a insider committee with formally delegated rules and responsibilities.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for:

- reviewing the annual financial statements and interim reports prior to approval by the Board;

- reviewing and considering reports on internal financial controls, including reports from the auditors;

- auditors, including reviewing and monitoring independence and objectivity;

- reviewing the consistency of accounting policies; and

- considering any proposed related party transaction. 

The Audit Committee can call for information from the executive team and consults with the external auditors directly when appropriate or when they are required to do so.

The Remuneration Committee

The Remuneration Committee reviews and determines on behalf of the Board the pay, benefits and other terms of service of the Executive Directors of the Company. In addition, the committee oversees the creation and implementation of all employee share plans.

The Insider Committee

The Insider Committee is responsible for:

- monitoring and ensuring compliance with the Company’s Market Abuse Regulation dealing policy;

- reviewing the classification of employees, directors and key consultants as regards clearance requirements; and

- reviewing and approving or rejecting as appropriate all requests for dealings in shares in the Company. 


Big Sofa Technologies’ directors recognise the importance of sound corporate governance. Insofar as is practicable for a company of our current size, Big Sofa Technologies follows the QCA Corporate Governance Guidelines for AIM companies. 

Corporate Governance March 2019

Investor contacts

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AIM Rule 26

The information under investors is disclosed in accordance with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules which govern companies listed on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM market.  Additional information can be found below.

Country of Incorporation and Main Country of Operation

Big Sofa Technologies is incorporated in England with registered number 07847321. Our main country of operation is the UK.

Takeover Code

Big Sofa Technologies is subject to the UK Takeover Code.

Current Constitutional Documents

Big Sofa Technologies plc (formerly HubCo Investments plc) Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Details of Exchanges

Big Sofa Technologies’ shares are traded on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange only.

Securities in Issue

Identity and percentage holdings of our significant shareholders as well as the information on the number of securities in issue.

Admission Documents

Access our latest AIM Admission Document.

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