Shareholder Information

Major shareholders (3% or above)

Shareholder Number of ordinary shares held Percentage of issued share capital
Simon Lidington (Director) 10,286,026 15.79%
Matthew Lynch (Director) 4,121,470 6.33%
Nicholas Mustoe (Director) 2,698,780 4.14%
Paul Clark (Director) 2,410,249 3.70%
Paul Levinson 2,350,000 3.60%
David Newton 2,229,566 3.42%

There are currently 65,131,480 shares in issue.

Insofar as the directors are aware, the percentage of ordinary shares not in public hands (as that expression is defined in the AIM Rules) is approximately 34.06%.

There are no ordinary shares currently held as treasury shares and there are currently no restrictions on the transfer of ordinary shares