Cats and Tagging, Tagging and Cats

Tagging and Cats. Cats and Ownership. Ownership and Being Owned. These are things that go through my mind on a daily basis. Tagging because it’s my Big Sofa life, Cats because I love ‘em, Ownership because I own her, and Being Owned because, really, she owns me. Just like tagging…

Four months ago I adopted a Siberian beauty, my little Koshka, who is a Russian pedigree with a penchant for attacking my ankles. From day one, she ensured she would be the centre of my world, so much so that I took a week off from work for Caternity Leave. Big Sofa is pretty laid back, so I got away with this.*

She wakes me up at 4am every morning for breakfast, a cuddle, and to be let out through the bedroom window. She eats only expensive food, but changes her mind on flavour every week. She is a bit racist and has questionable political beliefs – Labour dropped a campaign leaflet through the letterbox which she promptly shredded and then brought me a piece of it – the piece said “Brexit”. I was scared. Scared like when there’s no alcohol in the office on Fridays. 

The joy of this is that I am definitely the resident Cat Expert and my pet care project analysis skills are changing the decisions made at Global pet care companies. Interested in pet behaviour or cat food product tests? I’m your woman. Need advice on cat behaviour? Come to me! I am also happy to analyse projects that are about things other than pets, and meet you for a chat to discuss the Big Sofa platform. Just don’t come over when I’m WFH -  the cat might attack your ankles.

*Not really, I just worked from home, and I’m sure clients loved it when we were on a video call and a fluffy cat’s head popped up on the webcam.