Video Management Platform

At the core of our work is our powerful platform, which we use to create bespoke, searchable spaces for clients. Our insight and organisation experts work with our technical team to ensure that what we create for clients drives understanding, innovation and new ways of thinking.

We are experts in handling video, audio, images and other digital assets. We are happy to work with your existing partners, and to integrate with your existing technology so that it speaks to ours.

Intuitive Search

Big Sofa’s engine allows client users to search for any term – every word in conversational video is fully indexed. It means you can find relevant videos fast. Enter a search term, and Big Sofa brings up all videos where it has been used.

Transcribed Video Content & User Playlists

View any video & go direct to the point where people start talking about your search term. Text follows the video - karaoke style. Create playlists by highlighting text & using the scissor icon. You are able to add unlimited clips and related text to your playlists.

Democratise Content

Content can be downloaded and used in films or in presentations. They play seamlessly once downloaded. Video can be shared with others – colleagues who are also account holders or others outside the organisation.

Video transcripts can be in almost any language. You can watch the video and follow the text in the original language or English.

Tagging Transcripts

Big Sofa’s platform is also built to handle behavioural video content. The chaptering/tagging function allows users to choose the start and finish points of clips and make them chapters. You can then search by chapter/tag and find all instances of behaviours defined by each one.

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