How Clients Use Big Sofa

We have a great deal of experience working with global clients; both agencies and brands. Our growing client list includes Unilever, Ipsos and P&G.

These companies use our technology in a number of different ways to help them utilise and better understand the content they are collecting, be it for customer closeness studies, product tests or as a platform for them to store existing assets:

Collaboration and Inspiration

By managing their visual assets we help companies make full use of their content to inspire their employees.

Customer Closeness

Using Big Sofa can enable clients to better understand their consumers in different markets around the world.

Make use of already existing assets

Media collected in previous studies often ends up in databases never to be used again. Big Sofa can prevent this waste.

Save money and work faster

Analysing video takes a great deal of time and can be very frustrating, we can save you time and take the stress away.