From Bricks to Clicks

When a dwindling proportion of customers is visible in 3D (in store, in branch, on the high street) the challenge of being up close and personal with the franchise that matters is all the more challenging. How do you ‘see’ and ‘feel’ your customer base at scale?  Net promoter scores and question/answer satisfaction surveys are not going to deliver the deep consumer connection required.  Marginal gains maybe.  Needs-based innovation on the other hand?  Not so much. Sure, you can track every click and transaction on an ecommerce platform.  But can you contextualise this behaviour in a broader context?  Can you situate this transactional behaviour in the blended online/offline context?  Can you put flesh and bones on a transaction-led customer segmentation?  As the shift from bricks to clicks continues apace – in retail, financial services and more - the challenge of genuine customer understanding is only set to grow.  


Big Sofa Technologies has developed a unique, tech-led approach to customer closeness, enabled by the power of its video analytics platform. Being up close and personal to global customers is no longer a moment in time or a week on the road.  With Big Sofa’s technology it is an always-on experience. We are video and behaviour obsessed.  We curate, organise and analyse your customers’ behaviour and feedback at scale.  We take short and long form video and build bespoke Visual Insight Systems for our clients with behavioural, sentiment and text-based search and analytics.  Our systems become a collaboration hub across disciplines and geographies with the functionality to showcase fresh insights, playlists and inspiration on a monthly or quarterly basis; and an agile, re-minable resource for responding to customer-based business questions as and when they arise. Cutting-edge tech meets deep, ongoing human insight. Goodbye 2D thinking.  Hello 3D customer understanding.  

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