All your FAQ's answered

How secure is Big Sofa?

As well as our legal obligations, we also believe that all of us at Big Sofa have a duty to the consumers that take part in research - data is at the heart of what we do so we take security very seriously. We’ve been through compliance checks with a range of large corporate clients and made sure we are working towards the highest standards possible. We’re ISO 27001 certified which means we have a range of policies, procedures and monitoring in place that ensures our data is handled and stored securely and that our business processes and continuity planning are robust. All data is segregated into separate platforms for each client and we can set permissions around access content and functionality. We’ll happily tell you all about this in more detail so please get in touch if you are interested.

How do I get my content onto the platform?

The simplest option is to upload content from your desk through our application. We can process pretty much any image and video files types – the only limitation is your connectivity. Larger files may take longer to process but if you do have them or a very high volume of files we have a separate upload system to make getting data and files synced quickly and painlessly. With some clients, we automate the process through our APIs or integration with their content collection applications – we’re fairly agnostic here. This means you’ll hardly have to lift a finger. We can also help you at the outset with planning your content collection to make sure you get the most efficient process in place for your needs.

Will it work with my tech?

We support both Mac and Windows systems and all major browsers – Chrome, Safari and IE9 onwards. We advise clients to have the latest version of their browser where possible for optimum experience. Our platform is also responsive and can be used across a range of devices from desktops, to laptops, to tablets and mobiles.

API's and Intergrations

We now have a comprehensive set of APIs that enable external systems to tap into our platform. We’re using these in a couple of ways:

·       We’ve worked with a number of technology partners to make getting data into our system more efficient. 

·        We’ve also worked with partners to help clients link their knowledge libraries together so that they can more easily search through all their data assets – enabling our video and image capabilities to sit alongside text-based or numerical and statistical libraries

What kind of user support is in place?

As well as help guides available through our platform, we have an in-house account team on hand to support your platform use. Please either e-mail your dedicated Big Sofa team or send us a message to and we’ll get back to you.

What services do you offer?

As a minimum we’ll take your files, process and upload them to our system. The rest is then up to you.

We can transcribe your files in the source language of the video or audio and translate into English or other languages – we’re yet to find a language we can’t cover. We also have a growing number of analytics services that we’re building into the platform – the best established is language analysis but not far behind are capabilities around OCR classification to emotional and engagement analysis. Each of these will offer something different to your projects depending on content type so we’ll happily advise you on how to get the most value for your project.

Our specialist in-house team are also available to tag and analyse your content and draw out relevant insights to help you formulate your business strategies. We believe that automatic analytic engines can only do so much to help speed up analysis – the real value comes from the human interpretation and thinking.