Ask less; see more.

As a former qualitative researcher and innovation consultant, I've spent most of my career yearning for depth. Depth in the connections I made in work, life & research. Depth in understanding of the human experience & decision making. Deep, compelling insights mattered to me and my work more than anything else.

Spending time with a behavior-obsessed leadership & consulting team at Big Sofa for the last two years has shifted my lens. The more I focus on observing natural, in-context behavior, the more I realize that my previous methods actually got in the way of the very depth I was seeking.

And that was for a single, fundamental reason: questions were my main tool.

With questions at the core, my quest for depth was entirely focused on the projected self. I relied on language and memory to determine motivation. I built empathic connection through conversation, but I was missing so many other contexts. The other influences. The early mornings. The late nights. The busy days. The lazy days. When she’s in control. When she’s on autopilot. When she’s compensating.

I was missing what happens when she goes on living life. And yet these are the very places and situations our brands are meant to take care of her. 

Even if I managed to get to the core, I was missing the rest of how it manifested in the everyday.

 I was so proud of myself for getting out of the Focus Group room, but still hadn’t managed to let go of the discussion guide.

Thanks to Big Sofa, I now know access to the messy breadth of a human experience is equally noble, and indeed I’m now understanding why it’s essential. Analyzing unmediated behaviour through passive observation is key to understanding what really happens behind closed doors: what carries on when the projection stops.  

That's the power of video. It has fewer boundaries. It travels. It can be worn. It can be carried. It doesn't judge. It barely interferes. It lets life be and therefore unlocks the kind of depth I've always been yearning for. The best part is now my clients don’t have to choose. Big Sofa’s technology can unlock the breadth and the depth.

And therein lies the irony: By asking fewer questions, I’m starting to get more answers. 

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