Putting Sustainability into Data

Sustainability is on everyone’s lips: a badge of honour in the business community. The term covers everything from manufacturing processes and packaging to the sourcing of food and raw materials and much more besides.  But why has this sustainability mindset not touched the world of data? Why have we become such wasteful guardians of such a precious resource?

In one sense it is very easy to answer that question. Data is ubiquitous, plentiful, free and accessible.  Data’s sell by date is yesterday. Continuous data streams and the beta modality reign supreme. 

But there is another perspective.  A perspective anchored in a different kind of data. For not all data is created equal.

Video data of authentic (not projected) consumer behaviour is not freely available, cheap to capture or easy to access and analyse. It requires sophisticated design and capture.  Much of this kind of data is left on the cutting room floor as the quantity is overwhelming in its raw form.  In short, it is not respected as data in its own right.  It is merely an ingredient for illustrative storytelling. At Big Sofa Technologies we propose a more intelligent approach.

With sophisticated processing and organizing; technology-enabled showcasing and surfacing; AI-enabled data extraction and dash-boarding – video data can deliver so much more.

At Big Sofa Technologies we believe in the value of video as data and the importance of system thinking.  We bring together multiple video streams into a scale-able, insight-rich, re-useable resource.

We call it our Visual Insight System.

Whether you work in Customer Experience, User Research, Product Development, or Engineering and Design – video data is of increasing importance to your business.

Please contact mattlynch@bigsofatech.com or emilygrogan@bigsofatech.com if you would like to discuss our capabilities further.

We hope to welcome you soon to the Big Sofa Technologies community!