Shaping the Future of Big Sofa with the Insider Programme

User experience can make or break modern digital services, as social media app Snapchat found out last year when it rolled out its redesigned Friends and Discover features and lost millions of users. Not only is it essential that products have desirable features but they need to be discoverable, aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, usable.

We’re committed to building a useful and usable platform that allows business and organisations to work with video in various ways. Using it for everything from detailed analytics to customer closeness and collaboration.

This makes getting user experience right across such a varied set of needs even more interesting and important. So we want to hear even more about the specific ways in which people use our tech right now and how want they to use it in the future.

With this in mind, we have decided to launch our own internal beta programme named Big Sofa Insider. The programme allows users to get involved in our product development process, by trialling new functionality and providing regular feedback. The programme is open to all existing Big Sofa users regardless of how frequently they use the platform.

All Insiders receive exclusive access to new features before they are rolled out to the wider platform. This gives users the opportunity to try out new tools and helps us understand how they will fit into their workflow. We have already used this process to deploy our updated projects page, which has been a great success.

Insiders also have the opportunity to participate in our own internal research. This can involve speaking directly to members of our product and development teams, reviewing designs for upcoming functionality or completing usability tests.

The feedback we receive from the programme is critical in helping our engineers design effective solutions to the complex problems clients face. We firmly believe in putting the voice of the user at the centre of our design process.

So far we have received a positive response with a number of active users getting engaged and joining the programme. It's a great way for our users who are invested in Big Sofa to get involved in shaping the platform and helps us ensure we deliver a high quality user experience.

To get involved in the Big Sofa Insider programme please complete this short survey here.

Please Note - the insider programme is only open to existing users of the Big Sofa platform. For more information, please email Marcus Bale at