The Future is FLEX

It’s been a period of “new” for us at Big Sofa Technologies. The last two weeks have seen us move to a wonderful new office in a new part of town; onboard a number of new and exciting clients; and kick off our new external speaker programme, bringing in people from outside the business to inspire and provoke thought. We had the privilege of kicking off our speaker programme this week with Annie Auerbach.

Annie is a major advocate of flexible working, and has recently written a book laying out principles of FLEX. These are behaviours we can all adopt to get the best of time spent at work, home, and wherever life takes us. Leaving noisily, and having the senior team lead by example by letting everyone know they’re heading out to the school play, is an important culture-building message. Combined with sharp edges – putting the phone down and striving to be fully present in any moment – Annie has found that she can do a better job of being a parent, a cofounder, a writer…

Her message resonated with us, as we’ve long held the belief that it matters less where people work, and more that the end result is great tech, results that provide real value to our clients, and a happy working culture. FLEX is a key philosophy by which we, as individuals and as a business, are able to achieve success in these areas.

For us here at Big Sofa, this has meant the formal introduction of core hours of business, with everyone available to collaborate in the middle of the day, but free to choose whether they start early or finish late. For the parents in the team (most of ours happen to be dads), this has allowed them to do the morning nursery run, or be home for bedtime. For me, this has meant having the time to attend an early morning rowing course on the Thames. For others, this has simply meant avoiding the tube during rush hour. 

With clients around the globe and a team based in the US, the 9-5 “bums-on-seats” model is not one that works for our business. Great work can happen anywhere, and I know for me personally I am as likely to have an “aha moment” midway through a morning run as I am in the office. By embracing the concept of FLEX, companies have the chance to encourage better work, and bigger smiles, from their employees. 

A big thank you to Annie for taking the time to come and talk to us, we can’t wait to read more!


FLEX: The Modern Woman’s Handbook is in stores from 18th April, or is available for pre-order now.