Welcome to Big Sofa Technologies 2019

2019 is an important year for Big Sofa. Following significant investment, 2019 sees the company step forward confidently with a new vision, a new suite of client offerings, and a more robust and exciting technology capability. Our product roadmap combines enhancements to our interface, functionality and overall user experience - with powerful improvements in automated data extraction and presentation, as well as a ramping-up of our R&D and machine learning capabilities. It’s not just our logo and visual identity that’s changing in 2019 – it’s who we are and what we do. Big Sofa Technologies is coming of age.

So who are we?

Big Sofa is an insight-led technology company. The design and development of our technology has been guided by expert understanding of the insight and analytics industries and the needs, pressures and business questions of the clients they serve.

We know what we are about. We are behaviour-obsessed, uncovering and analysing new-to-the-industry behavioural data sets in video, enabled by the power of our pioneering data capture and platform technology. We are innovating both in how video-led projects and programmes are designed and in how the data is analysed, showcased, embedded and re-mined.

Goodbye endless, reported data. Hello behavioural analysis at scale.

Actions speak louder than words. But capturing, structuring and analysing unmediated behaviour at scale has remained a challenge.  It is the challenge behind Big Sofa’s technology vision.  Look out for our solutions to next generation product testing, in-home behavioural understanding and segmentation, communications development, consumer closeness and customer experience.   

Goodbye PowerPoint. Hello Visual Insight System

Presentation fatigue is rife. But help is at hand. Rather than encasing findings and video clips within the confines of a presentation deck, we release the value and power of video data on an ongoing basis.  We bring together multiple video streams into a searchable, scale-able resource showcasing learnings, insights and behaviours in an immersive and interactive form, accessible to teams across organizations with flexible access permissions and full security.  We call it our Visual Insight System.  

2019 is already an exciting year. We hope to welcome you soon into the Big Sofa Technologies community.

Kirsty Fuller


Big Sofa Technologies