Getting comfy on the sofa

If you work in market research, without a doubt you will have worked for a company which claims to be innovative and exciting. If you’ve worked for a start-up, you’ll be familiar with the phrases “hard working and strong team work” and “fun, creative environment”. Rarely do these companies live up to these clichéd but hopeful terms.

I joined Big Sofa a month ago, and had high expectations, given that it is primarily a tech company but has the past experience of delivering insight for Blue Chip companies. In my first week, I realised that the work being done here isn’t just innovative, but it is changing the way clients see insight and their consumers. Video is everywhere – from Vloggers to the highly polished ads, video captures our attention in a way that PowerPoint and text simply cannot anymore. I now get to watch all types of video for a good portion of my day.

It would be silly to describe Big Sofa’s dynamic by using the clichéd term “exciting”.   In a company of this nature. I’ll be bold and choose ‘market-changing” instead. Simon and Matt have worked tirelessly to change the face of research and tech, and here we are, in an fast expanding company, doing exactly that.

In my second week, I found that while tech is at the core, finding and delivering insight to clients is paramount to winning work. My team delivers this insight with pride – we know our clients won’t have seen our ways of tackling their projects and data like this before.  It’s hard work, for sure, but when you are genuinely interested in your methodology and impressive tech, how can we even pretend not to love it?

As for creativity, we have autonomy in creating tagging frameworks, we are invited to high level meetings to think about how we can visually present complex data to make it super simple to clients; we work together to craft thought leadership based proposals, and at the end of the week, we drink to our achievements.

While I’ve not been sitting on the Big Sofa for very long, I have certainly made myself very comfortable and have no plans to stop watching video for a very long time. Being at Big Sofa has given me everything I was looking for in a career – variety, true innovation, and a great environment to work in.